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Holiday Leave Calculator

A Leave of Absence or LOA is a word used to describe an employee that is away from his/her work in a period of time. While leaving the company for a period of time, they are still considered to be employees because they will still be coming back. Employees use this leave for special occasions or unplanned events such as holidays, vacations, as well as work at home curriculums.

There are two types of leave an employee is accustomed to. The first would be the paid leave; you can get paid leave only by requesting from your employer or the company. Most common examples of these would be an injury at work, bereavement, or jury related obligations. The other would be the unpaid leave; this is normally at the request of the employee. There is also another leave called holiday leave, these are leaves that you are accredited to not work due to special holidays.

If an employee wants to schedule a leave or wants to find out how many holiday leave they have left, one way to find out is by using the Holiday Leave Calculator. By using this calculator, your aware of the holiday leave to come and can be prepared on having a free time on those holidays. For example, it can help you prepare for vacations, and special occasions or events. To use the Holiday Leave Calculator first enter the start date of the employee. Next enter how many holidays the employee is approved for. Then you enter how much holiday leave the employee has already taken. Lastly enter the date you would like to compute to, or the deadline of your desired date you want to know the holidays available. You would get a result in numbers pertaining to how many you have left.

Here are some examples on how a Holiday Leave Calculator works. The employee wants to know how many days of holiday leave he/she has left for the remaining months of the year. They enter the first start date which for example us January 1, 2010. Next, input the holidays accredited by the company to their employment which is 10. Then, you enter the number of holiday leaves he has already taken. Lastly, enter the date you want to calculate up to. By clicking the calculate button, the result is 7.4.

Another example is if the employer wants to inquire how much holiday leave an employee has left. He enters the start date which is February 10, 2010. Next he is giving his employee 12 holiday leaves per year so he inputs it in the next field. Then he puts in how many of those leaves his employee has taken already which is 3. Lastly, he enters the date he wants to compute up to that is June 12, 2010. By clicking calculate, he gets the result of 1.

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